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Homeowners Insurance

Who Cares About Attractive Nuisances?

What Is An Attractive Nuisance?

This is a term originated by a judge to describe property that attracts youngsters and, because of their dangerous nature, creates a special obligation to property owners. Examples are:

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What If My Home Is Vacant Or Unoccupied?

Vacant Or Unoccupied?

First, there IS a difference. Webster's Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary of the English Language has the following to say:

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What If I Run An In-Home Business?

Homeowner policies aren’t designed to insure in-home businesses. Homeowner premiums assume that the insurance protection is for a residence and related structures. Therefore no liability coverage is available for loss related to business activity such as:

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Special Form vs. Named Peril

You should check your homeowners policy to make sure that your building and personal property is covered on a special form rather than a named peril basis. Named peril means that the policy insures against the sources of loss (perils) that are listed in the policy such as fire, earthquake or hail. Special form coverage protects property against any source of loss that is not specifically excluded. Under named peril coverage, the policyholder may have to prove to the insurer that a loss was caused by a listed peril. With special form coverage, the insurer can only deny a claim if it can prove that the source of loss is excluded.

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