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Homeowners Insurance

Hey, Who Needs Flood Insurance?

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

The simplest way to answer this question may be to walk to the nearest mirror. If the person you see in the mirror owns any significant amount of property that can be damaged or destroyed by water, then you should seriously consider buying flood insurance. Most persons may buy coverage offered by the National Flood Insurance Program. If your community doesn't participate in the program, you'll have to look into coverage from private insurance companies.

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How Do I Save Water-Damaged Property?

Be Safe, Then Act Quickly

Different sources such as salvage experts, property specialists and government agencies advise that quick action is critical. Many types of personal property can be saved if rescue attempts occur within 48 hours of the property suffering damage.

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Do Roommates Need Special Considerations?

Insurance, Conservative By Nature

If you ever dreamed of being a time-traveler, one way to simulate the experience of going back in history is to read an insurance policy. Policies are written so conservatively that they still reflect situations that existed prominently decades ago. One example is the way that policies define the persons it insures. Most policies are designed to cover:

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Are These Tragedies Insurable?

Headlines Hit Home

Many Americans have been horrified and confused over the shootings which have occurred in schools nationwide the past several years, and the Columbine High School tragedy has been of particular concern. After having these events splashed over the airwaves and newspapers; the consequences of these actions have to be dealt with by the survivors. While citizens, authorities, social and psychological experts, gun opponents/proponents are all wondering why such things happen, the focus is beginning to shift to pointing fingers.

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