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Personal Auto Insurance

Youthful Operator Driver Safety Agreement?

My Driver Safety Agreement

Driving is a privilege that I may lose by violating this agreement or may have suspended for other reasons such as (but not limited to) unsatisfactory school grades and violations of family trust.

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The Loss Is Only The Beginning

Duties After An Accident Or Loss

Insurance policies are called "conditional" contracts because, in order for the insurer to pay for a loss, the insured has to meet a number of conditions. One of the most important obligations concerns your actions after a loss. Once a loss occurs, the covered person's (insured's) duties include the following:

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Is Your Car Worth Less Than Your Loan?

The Problem

Car loans and leases used to be no longer than 36 months. Today, with vehicles now as expensive as small homes, the length of loans and leases are typically 48 months, 60 months, or even longer. No matter the type of vehicle, coupe, sedan, van, sports utility vehicle, etc., they share a tendency to depreciate very quickly in their first few years of operation. Compare this with the fact that loan and lease payments are spread over a longer period of time. In short order, the amount of the unpaid loan and lease agreement balance becomes much larger than the vehicle's value. This disparity of values, or gap, exists over much of the loan or lease period. Making matters worse is that this gap is usually only discovered after a total loss. The insurer pays the actual cash value of the vehicle and, instead of being reimbursed for your total loss, you have to pay the bank or leasing company thousands of dollars out of your own pocket (and don't forget you have to pay your deductible too).

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Is My Electronic Or Custom Property Covered?

Formerly: Warning! Car Stereos, Car Phones and Other Mobile Electronics. They May Not Be Covered.

A basic auto policy is designed and priced so that it only covers certain vehicle features. It is important to understand that you might have need extra coverage to take care of expensive vehicle options such as custom or electronic property.

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